Overcoming fear of failure during driving lessons

Are you bothered by fear of failure at school and are you afraid that this will play up when you are in a car? Or do you notice that you develop fear of failure as soon as you get into a car? In both cases we can serve you very well. We see to it that you can overcome fear of failure, so that in the end can start with complete confidence on the CBR practical exam.

Specific forms of fear of failure

There are various specific forms of fear of failure. This can have a connection with driving in the dark, driving on a motorway or even driving in a busy town. Do you already know what you are afraid of, or do you want to find out during the driving lessons? Our instructors will take their time for you. In that way we will work out together with you what specific form of fear of failure is the case. Then we can concentrate solely on this, so that you can work towards overcoming the fear of failure. You need to take your time with this, but we guarantee you that you will eventually overcome it.

Overcoming fear of failure with your instructor

This is in part thanks to our experienced instructors. We know what is going on in your head at the moment when you are suffering from fear of failure. This means among other things that they will take plenty of time for you and will support you exactly where you find that pleasant. We will together with you tackle your fears head on in order to overcome them, but not before you say you are ready for this. In this way you can follow the driving lessons pleasantly, even when you are having a problem with fear of failure in the car.

Fear of failure while driving

Do you suffer from fear of failure while driving? No problem, our instructors possess extensive experience. We make sure together with you that we overcome the fear of failure, by taking enough time for it and to work as much as possible specifically on it with you.

Do you need any help with your fears?

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    It was great to have class with Roël, he was able to put me in line with the requirements for dutch driver license exam. He was flexible and able to understand the main points I needed to learn. Thank you once again!


    Roel was a great instructor! Very friendly and flexible with regards to time and easy to reach. He also has a good level of english and explains well how the dutch license exam works. I would highly recommend him!