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Getting a driver license in Amsterdam? Come to English Driving School.

Looking for a professional Driving school in Amsterdam?

We recommend you an intake lesson so we can estimate how many driving lessons you are going to need in order to be ready for the practical exam. After the intake lesson we can tell you how much the driving course is going to cost. This way we can also recommend you one of our driver lesson packages.

Already have a license but want to fresh up?

Have you never had a fear for driving, but you don’t have the courage to get in the car? Have you been a victim of an unfortunate accident and have you created a fear because of this? We will help you with our guidance to get you back on the road again, so you can overcome your fears.

Still need to complete the theory exam?

Are you looking for theory lessons for car, motor or moped? we will help you getting optimally prepared for the CBR. We aim for giving you specific subjects like how they are given at the CBR, so you know exactly what to expect.

Driving Lesson Package Deals

You can make a choice between different English driving school lesson packages. You can also choose after we have done an intake lesson. Our instructors will have good vision about your level of driving and what you still have to learn. Based on this we can recommend you which package is the best to pick.

By choosing for English Driving School, you choose for.

You can get your driver license within 7 weeks at the English Driving School. More information about our speed courses at: 06 53 34 11 27.
We have a good amount of possibilities if you want to get in contact with us. you can find us on 06 53 34 11 27, or mail to info@englishdrivingschool.nl.
You can drive for 185 days on the driving license from your country. After the 185 days you have to retake the theory and practical exam in the Netherlands in order to have a valid driving license. The CBR is the organisation who´s taking the practical and theory exam.
The theory exam at CBR consists of two parts. You must pass both parts to pass the theory exam. The first part consists of 25 questions about danger recognition/hazard perception. You must answer at least 12 questions correctly. You have 8 seconds to answer each question. Each question has a picture of a traffic situation and you can answer with 3 possible answers: brake, release the accelerator or do nothing. Packages: We help you with passing your theory exam. We provide in a one day Theory Course and booking the exam the next day. You can find more information about the Theory Courses and Theory Exams HERE.

The practical exam at the CBR is a driving test of around one hour. To schedule the practical exam you need to have a driving school. English Driving School Amsterdam can organise this practical exam for you. The average waiting list at the CBR for the practical exam is around 6-8 weeks, depending on the time of the year.
After you finish your practical exam you have to file for the driver’s license at the municipality in your city or ‘Stadsdeel’. It takes 5 days to process your request and the costs are 38,40. You can also file for a speed up, this costs 72,50 and takes 1 day.

When you live in Amsterdam there are several ways to use a license from a different country. You may be able to file for an exchange of your license.


Non-EU/EER driving license (regardless of your nationality);
You are allowed to drive in the Netherlands with a valid non-EU/EER driving license for 185 days (6 months) after the registration at your municipality or the expat centre.
EU/EER driving license (regardless of your nationality);
You can use your EU/EER in the Netherlands for a period of 10 years after the issue date of your license. Regardless of the issue date you are always allowed to drive for 1 year with an EU/EER driving license.

• If you or your partner is entitled for the 30% tax ruling, you will have the option to exchange your driving license without having to retake any exams.
• If you are not entitled for the tax ruling, you will have to pass the theory and practical exam.
• When your license is out of date, you are not allowed to drive a car in the Netherlands.
• The exchange procedure may take up to 6 weeks. We advise not to drive a car during this period.
• An international driving permit is a translation of your driving license and is not accepted as your driving license in the Netherlands if you need to exchange yours because of a non-EU nationality.


More information about the 30% ruling