Fear of driving

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Fear of exams

Fear of exams occurs more frequently than many people think. We are often tense before an exam, but for a large number of people this can take on annoying forms. Fear of exams causes you not to be able to think clearly, so that you make mistakes or even dangerous situations can occur. Fear of exams is an important form of fear of driving, with which we can deal in the correct manner in order to calm you as much as possible when in the car.
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Fear of failure

Fear of failure occurs both in the car and outside it and it covers a wider area than fear of exam. Some of our pupils show it only when they need to carry out a particular manoeuvre or need to take an exam, others are influenced by it as soon as they get into the car with the instructor. Do you have trouble with fear of failure, but still would like to get your driving licence? No problem, we will take plenty of time to help you overcome this, so that we can see to it together that you can follow driving lessons in a calm way and that you can in the end take your exam at the CBR.
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Refresher lesson

Did you never have any problem with fear of driving, but you do not dare recently to get into a car? Were you involved in a car accident and did you develop as a result some fear? We will help and assist you to go on the road again, so that you can overcome the fear and you can refresh all your knowledge and technique.
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Overcoming fear of driving during a driving course

Do you suffer from fear of driving, as soon as you get into a car or as soon as you even think about it? Not a problem, we have considerable experience in this matter and help you gradually to get used to using the car. We take you as it were by the hand, going first towards the car then ultimately into the busy city traffic. Fear of exams and of failure fall into the same category as fear of driving. They are annoying problems with which we can cope very well and which we can help you overcome. All our driving instructors are certified trainers for fear of failure and we even have a colleague hypnotherapist for traumatized (former) drivers, and even a specialist in dealing with ADHD and autism.
Are you looking for the possibility of a refresher lesson, because you are a little fearful of driving? We would love to be of service also in this matter.

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    It was great to have class with Roël, he was able to put me in line with the requirements for dutch driver license exam. He was flexible and able to understand the main points I needed to learn. Thank you once again!


    Roel was a great instructor! Very friendly and flexible with regards to time and easy to reach. He also has a good level of english and explains well how the dutch license exam works. I would highly recommend him!