Theory Course Motorcycle

Theory lessons for motor cycle with respect to the CBR theory exam

Theory lessons for motor cycle help you to refresh your memory on the theory, for example after you got your scooter certificate some years ago or when you received your driving licence for cars. Do you still know the theory quite well, but are you no longer razor sharp on it? The theory lessons for motor cycle will of course also help you if you have not yet done the exam and this is your first time.

Theory lessons for motor cycle according to the CBR method

We offer you theory lessons for motor cycle according to the CBR method. This means that we handle the subject matter that will also come up during the theory exam. Because of our many years of experience and our progressive attitude you can rely on examples from everyday practice, in combination with the syllabus that the CBR uses to test whether you have mastered the theory sufficiently. The theory lessons for motor cycle have in this way a great additional value, especially when you have some doubt whether you are going to get your certificate for theory before you drive off.

All of the syllabus and lively examples

During the theory lessons for motor cycle we of course deal with the whole syllabus, but we go a step further by using lively examples. This means that you can use the examples from everyday practice to remember the theory for the motor cycle better. During the theory exam at the CBR you will think back on the examples, so that you can easily find the correct answer. In that way we make sure that with the theory lessons for motor cycle you can rely on getting an excellent preparation.

Enrol directly for the theory lessons for motor cycles

Do you want to have theory lessons for motor cycle, or do you want to know more about it? Contact us so that you can register immediately, or just ask us about the content of the theory lessons and how we ensure that you are extremely well prepared when you go off to the CBR.
You may already start on your motor cycle lessons before you get your certificate for theory. Make sure you realize that you should first be successful at the exam, before you can start on your practical exam. Use our theory lessons for motor cycle to prepare yourself as well as possible in a short time.

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    It was great to have class with Roël, he was able to put me in line with the requirements for dutch driver license exam. He was flexible and able to understand the main points I needed to learn. Thank you once again!


    Roel was a great instructor! Very friendly and flexible with regards to time and easy to reach. He also has a good level of english and explains well how the dutch license exam works. I would highly recommend him!

    Attending theory lessons for motor cycle

    Do you want to attend theory lessons for motor cycle? We help you with an extremely good preparation for the theory exam at the CBR. We know what themes the CBR includes in the exam and ensure that with the lively examples embedded in the material you can go off to the CBR with every confidence. Enrol immediately or contact us.