Learning to drive (gas)

Driving lessons in an automatic for greatest ease

Do you want to take driving lessons in an automatic, for example because you don’t like the prospect of tackling gear shift driving, or because you have had a bad experience with it? We are the only driving school in Amsterdam that has no less than four cars with automatic transmission in its fleet, so that you can just get in and get started. When you have lessons in an automatic you will have the greatest of ease, so you can concentrate on the traffic around you and on safety on the road.

A car with automatic transmissions

Driving lessons for automatic are given in a car with automatic transmission. It is sufficient just to release the handbrake and the car will immediately start moving. Then you accelerate the engine to move off as the car automatically selects the correct gear. During driving lessons in an automatic we have every opportunity to teach more about the correct use of mirrors, or we can help with the particular manoeuvres. During driving lessons in an automatic you can leave out learning about the use of gears, so that you can get going more quickly.
Please remember that after getting your driving licence after driving lessons in an automatic you can only drive an automatic. All electric cars and hybrids are fitted only with an automatic transmission. This is also the case with most hire cars.

Driving lessons with an experienced instructor

During a driving lesson in an automatic you receive tuition from an experienced instructor, who knows exactly how the CBR* practical exam is organized. Moreover the instructor knows how to speak to you, so that you can stay calm and confident while driving. Is something still not working quite well? Then we will tell you about this with positive criticism, so that we can use the next driving lesson in the automatic to just try again. This will help you to get your driving licence as quickly as possible.

Driving lessons in an automatic for greatest ease

We plan the driving lessons in an automatic completely in harmony with the requirements of the CBR* practical exam. In this way we ensure that you get as great a chance as possible of passing the exam. We pay attention to the various aspects of driving that come up in the exam and drive with you over the routes that are usually used for the exam. You can as it were do a practice exam with your driving instructor during the driving lesson in an automatic.

Do you want to start with a gear shifting lesson right away?

We are proud:

CSM B ✪✪✪✪✪
In 1x passed my driving license. Top driving school and I had the best instructor Saida! She really helps you from her heart.

João ✪✪✪✪
Good experience! Carlos is a great instructor and will help you through the process of learning how to drive in the Netherlands, and getting your driving license – either if you are a beginner or an experienced driver that needs to loose old habits.
I had a nice time, and just got my driving license yesterday!