Theory Course Car

Theory lessons for the car ensure the best preparation

We see to it with our theory lessons for the car that you are prepared in the best way possible for the CBR theory exam. We deal with the subjects that will occur on the exam. Of course we take our own good time for this and fill out the lesson material with examples from the practice of driving. In that way you make sure during the theory lessons for the car that you remember everything well and you can rely on an ideal preparation.

All the syllabus and examples from everyday practice

We will of course ensure during the theory lessons for the car that all the syllabus is dealt with well. We add practical examples to the syllabus, because this helps you to remember the whole syllabus much better. You remember the next time that fast boy on the pizza scooter that came from the left, instead of the usual inconspicuous car which was obviously ready to drive off. With examples from practice on the road that you know well we make the theory lessons for the car livelier.

Having theory lessons for the car

Do you want to take theory lessons for the car, and want an ideal preparation for the CBR theory exam? We handle both recognition of danger, and the traffic code and insight into traffic. We go through all relevant subject matter with you and provide moreover lively examples that you can easily remember.

Elements of the new CBR theory exam

We know the elements of the CBR theory exam for the car thoroughly, so that we can prepare you very well for it. The theory exam for the car consists at present of two parts. During the theory lessons for the car we pay attention to both recognition of danger, traffic rules and insight into how traffic works. You get 25 questions on recognition of danger, and you have 8 seconds to answer them. You also get 30 questions on the traffic code and 10 questions on insight into how traffic works, for which you are given more time to answer. We imitate the amount of time that you have, so that during the theory lessons for the car you get a good idea of what you can expect.

Enroll for theory lessons for the car

Do you want to enrol for the theory lessons for the car, so that you can get started soon? You can start driving lessons without a theory certificate, but take care to obtain this before you go to take the exam at the CBR. We can possibly help you to book your theory CBR exam for the car.

Do you want to start with a gear shifting lesson right away?

We are proud:

CSM B ✪✪✪✪✪
In 1x passed my driving license. Top driving school and I had the best instructor Saida! She really helps you from her heart.

João ✪✪✪✪
Good experience! Carlos is a great instructor and will help you through the process of learning how to drive in the Netherlands, and getting your driving license – either if you are a beginner or an experienced driver that needs to loose old habits.
I had a nice time, and just got my driving license yesterday!