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Lessons in a new car with gearbox or automatic
Driving lessons help you getting the car under control, learn you special manouvers and make sure you can safely move on the road. Lessons are there to learn driving, so you can get your driver license at the practical exam from the CBR. Do you want to get your driver license in a new car while getting advice from an expert instructor? You have come to the right place!

Driving lessons with expert instructor

You will follow driving lessons with an experienced instructor, who has extensive experience in driving instruction in English. Moreover we see to it that the instructor gives you a clear explanation of how you should look carefully around you, how you use your mirrors and how you reverse into a parking spot. The method of your driving instructor ensures you that your driving lessons will go smoothly and that you learn in a fun and effective way how to drive a car. We monitor your progress carefully and systematically during the driving lessons and ensure that there is full attention during the driving lessons to all the various parts of the practical exam.

Lessons with gear shift or automatic transmission

During the driving lessons you learn to handle the car properly. You also learn special manoeuvres (like parking and hill proof) with the car. We will make sure that you can drive safely on the road, while looking carefully at situations around you. Driving lessons are intended so you learn how to drive a car and get your driving licence after completing the Dutch CBR* practical exam. If you want to have driving lessons with a skilful English speaking instructor, then that’s why you should get driving lessons at the English driving school Amsterdam.

Saving on lessons Amsterdam with a special offer package of lessons

You can have single lessons, just an intake lesson or a refresher lesson, or take advantage of a complete package of lessons. We are happy to offer you one of our driving lesson packages, we ensure that you are prepared in the best way possible for your CBR* practical exam.

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    It was great to have class with Roël, he was able to put me in line with the requirements for dutch driver license exam. He was flexible and able to understand the main points I needed to learn. Thank you once again!


    Roel was a great instructor! Very friendly and flexible with regards to time and easy to reach. He also has a good level of english and explains well how the dutch license exam works. I would highly recommend him!