Refresher lesson in order to get to know the car again

Are you ready for a refresher lesson? There can be several reasons for this. Have you for example been involved in an accident and since the accident don’t dare take to the road, do you find it frightening to drive on the motorway or is it a long time since you last drove a car? Perhaps you have noticed that traffic has evolved, while you were abroad for a long time. With a refresher lesson you will see to it that you can once again take safely to the road.

Refresher lesson after an accident

Were you involved in an accident and did you as a result develop a significant fear, so that you no longer dare just to take to the road? This happens much more often than you might think and it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a natural reaction of the body and the mind, to try to avoid danger. With a refresher lesson you help yourself to get on the road again with support, to teach body and mind that it is completely safe. We will tackle this with you step by step.

Refresher lesson after not having driven for a long time

Have you just not driven for a long time, or were you abroad and you notice that you are not able any longer just to go into traffic? In that case too it is a good idea to make use of a refresher lesson. You see to it in this way that you again, with support, can get used to dealing with traffic, as it is at present in the Netherlands.

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Thirdly you can use the refresher lesson if you failed the CBR practical exam in the past and have not since tried it again. You then probably do not need a complete driving course, but rather with a refresher lesson you can cross your‘t’s and dot your ‘i’s. The refresher lesson can then have a personally relevant content and will always have a great extra value for you.

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    It was great to have class with Roël, he was able to put me in line with the requirements for dutch driver license exam. He was flexible and able to understand the main points I needed to learn. Thank you once again!


    Roel was a great instructor! Very friendly and flexible with regards to time and easy to reach. He also has a good level of english and explains well how the dutch license exam works. I would highly recommend him!